Beat School is creating Music Production Tutorials

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Patreon Stream and Tutorial Vote

First I'd like to offer a huge thanks for supporting Beat School on Patreon!  Believe it or not, even pledging just one dollar really does ...

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Random Downloads

I spend a lot of time messing around in FL Studio and end up creating many different samples, presets, melodies, templates, etc.  I often want to share the...

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Tutorial Bonus Content

I usually try to include some downloadable bonus content related to my tutorial videos.  For your pledge, you will have access to the tutoria...

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Free Beat School Essentials Downloads

"Beat School Essentials" is the name of Beat School's line of music production related products.  These are primarily sample packs, pr...

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Request a Tutorial:

For pledging this amount, you can request a tutorial directly, and I will make it.  This is specifically for those of you who want to and are able to go...