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About Tim Sweeney

Beats in Space is a radio show that has been airing every week for the last 20 years on WNYU 89.1FM (a noncommercial, college radio station based in New York City). The radio show, spearheaded by Tim Sweeney, boasts an extraordinary collection of mixes from an eclectic lineup of DJs from around the world and has served as a launching pad for many of them. The archive of shows traces the history and evolution of house, techno and disco in the last two decades – making it one of the most influential radio shows today. Every week a comprehensive tracklisting is posted for the show that has acted as an invaluable tool for exposing both new producers and forgotten gems to a much wider audience. It's a time capsule from the past, and a predictor of what’s next.

So why does Beats in Space need you?
BIS Radio is running on a brand new website! After a long time coming, I'm finally asking listeners for a little help to cover all the costs. The money will go towards maintaining the new website and server so we can keep the podcast going and start upgrading things on the website (maybe video and broadcasts from different locations?).
  • Tip $2 a month to say thanks  
  • $5 a month and you'll get access to all the archives. 
  • For $10 you'll get the archives, a 10% discount code for all Beats In Space products at the RVNG store + an exclusive mix each month. Join the Midnight Beats In Space Association and help keep this ship sailing. A big, big "thank you!" to everyone who helps keep this thing running!
If you sign up for $5 or more:
Please sign in with your Patreon account here: https://beatsinspace.net/wp-admin to view all the BIS Radio show archives here: https://beatsinspace.net/playlists/

324 of 1000 patrons
Let's see if we can get to 1000 so I can finally do this full time!
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