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Every Sunday, I write a post about what I accomplished that week, and my goals for the next. 

If you are interested in what a professional filmmaker's daily life looks like, or, like me, you are obsessed with following other people's productivity and progress, you will adore these.

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Where the previous tier is all about measurable and objective accomplishments, for this tier I write more intimate posts about my process and my life, 1-2x per month.
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As well as all of the above, Cheerleader patrons receive Behind The Scenes photo and video content of all my productions, and get to read excerpts from screenplays I am writing!




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About Ivy Jelisavac

Relationshit from Ivy Jelisavac on Vimeo.

Hi, new friend! My name is Ivy and I'm obsessed with what it means to be human. In my work, I explore relationships and connection, ambition, and the resilience of the human spirit.
I believe in vulnerability, progress, the magic of late night conversations, and DOGS.

When I was 19, I worked on a production where my shortest workday was 17 (seventeen) hours, and was later diagnosed with clinical burnout as a result of that shoot. While still a teen! I wanted to continue working in film, but knew there had to be a better way. After working in every single department to thoroughly learn the process from every crew member's perspective, I founded a production company that's ethical and humane.

I believe that a healthy crew is the only acceptable kind of crew, and in line with that, I spend extra time to ensure working hours and conditions are appropriate, catering is nutritious, and interactions are respectful.

That means as a patron you are not only financing the content you want to see more of:
By supporting my career, you are supporting a force for making the film industry a more humane, more inclusive, more sustainable, and more wonderful space.
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Right now, my creation schedule is irregular. When I reach this goal, I will be able to post a new video every month.

This could be a short film like this one I made in 2014:

If You Want To Love Me
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