Becca Bellamy

Becca Bellamy

Creating Cuckold Stories
Cuckold Training & Advice
$5 per month
  • Cuckold training tips
  • Advice on cuckolding
  • Access to all previous rewards
Captioned Cuckold Stories
$10 per month
  • A story with sensual, seductive pictures to thrill you.
  • 1,000 to 1,500 words
  • Access to all previous rewards
Cuckold Captions
$15 per month
Current Caption Count: 1,500

Included with my naughty cuckold captions:

  • 20-30 cuckold captions every week
  • At least one captioned cuckold story every week
  • Exceptionally hot pictures
  • All the dirty cuckold topics you crave
  • Access to all previous rewards

If you're already a Patron go here:
Visit the Captions category and enjoy!
Becca's Private Blog
$25 per month
Access a Patreon-only Blog at filled with naughty cuckold content.

Current Post Count: 1,250+

What you can expect:

  • 2-10 updates every day
  • Lots of naughty gifs
  • Sexy captions
  • Dirty stories
  • Cuckold fantasies coming to life
  • Hot pics
  • All your favorite topics: creampie cleanup, bisexuality, pregnancy, humiliation, and so many more.

You also get access to all previous rewards.
Cuckold Stories
$35 per month

Current Total Stories: 800+

Each month I'll publish 20-30 cuckold stories (typically 2,000 to 5,000 words each). There will be multi-part stories, themed collections, and one-offs. Previous months have included:

  • Creampie Cleanup Month - 12 Stories, 1 Month

  • A Cuckold Christmas - A 12 Part Story

  • A Cuckold Vacation - A 6 Part Story

  • The Training of a Cuckold Cum Slut - A Multi-Part Story

  • Lots of Naughty Short Cuckold Stories

  • And Much More!

To see all the story posts, visit the link below (only Patrons can read the stories): Plus, you receive access to all previous rewards.

Cuckold Audio
$50 per month

Current audio files: 75+

Each month, enjoy two brand new cuckold audios produced by an insanely talented artist. This is a thrilling cuckold experience unlike any other, and it’s yours to enjoy at this tier along with all previous rewards.

Femdom Tier
$60 per month

Current femdom stories: 430+

Experience the joy of female domination via sexy stories, captions, and blogposts. I will show you just how inferior you are. I will show you the joy of submission. In the stories you can expect:

  • Deeply humiliating pleasures

  • Femdom fantasies to consider

  • Incredible femdom captions

  • Thoughts on FLR

  • Chastity tips

  • Much more

Plus, you receive access to all previous rewards.

You Choose the Stories
$100 per month

Stories: 180+

You get to decide the stories at this tier and read the sensual results as I dive into your desires and turn them into an erotic, written treat to be published for everyone in the tier to enjoy.

Suggest a Longer Story
$200 per month (sold out!)
If you have a story idea that needs to be a little bit longer, subscribe here and suggest your idea. I'll write a 6,000 to 8,000 word story (published in two parts) and post it for everyone at this tier (& above) to enjoy it.

This tier includes access to all previous tiers with the exception of the $100 suggest a story tier.
For a Special Cuckold
$400 per month (sold out!)
Thank you for your extra support.