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You crave the erotic pleasures of cuckolding.
I love writing about all your cuckold fantasies.
We’re a perfect match.

Welcome to my Patreon. My aim is to create a place of pure pleasure for those of you that yearn to see your wives and girlfriends fuck other men. With your support I can create a huge amount of content that will provide you with the erotic thrills you crave.

What am I creating? Here’s a short list of some of what you can enjoy as a Patron (as of March 1, 2020):

- 22 sets of cuckold jerk off instructions (JOI) (2 new JOI a month)
- 1,500 cuckold captions (150 new captions a month)
- 1,250 posts on my Patron-only cuckold blog (2-5 new posts a day)
- 350+ cuckold stories (20-30 new stories a month)
- 28 naughty cuckold audio files (2 new files a month)
- 179 femdom stories and sets of instructions (10-20 new stories a month)
Plus, you can order a custom story to delight and arouse you

What am I writing about? Cuckolding is a broad topic with lots of niches to explore, and I intend to dig into all of them as my Patreon grows. Here’s some of what you can expect:

Hot sex between wives and their bulls/lovers
Creampie cleanup and cum eating
Bisexual cuckolds fluffing, cleaning, and more
Deep, sensual humiliation
Erotic pregnancy stories with other men knocking up your wives
Chastity and denial for the cuckolds
Erotic tales of wife watching
Femdom pleasures for submissive cuckolds
And so much more!

The rewards are ready and waiting for you to enjoy. For your first month of support you’ll be charged and granted immediate access to your rewards. For each subsequent month you’ll be charged on the 1st.

My husband introduced me to the notion of cuckolding, and like most women I wasn’t exactly over the moon about it at first. I didn’t really understand it. It took years before we actually introduced another man into our sex life, but long before that I began writing dirty stories for him. It turns out I had a talent for it. My sexual imagination combined well with my growing understanding of his desires, and writing about cuckolding helped me get comfortable with the idea of actually doing it.

For years, my husband was the only person to read my naughty cuckold stories and fantasies. He encouraged me to share my writing with the world and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. I’ve found fans via my websiteTumblrTwitter, and many of you have read my books, stories, captions, articles, and more. I’ve created this Patreon page to share even more erotic content with the world.

My goal is to make this page a hub of pleasure for those of you that can’t get enough erotic cuckold content in your life. Ultimately, I want to pursue writing cuckold erotica full time, and this Patreon page is designed to help me achieve that goal. With your support I can write more novels, more short story collections, more captioned cuckold stories, and more articles and guides for my website.

100% complete
At $4,000 I will continue writing The Making of a Cuckold Marriage. I published the first chapter on Medium and a handful of other sites several months ago and it was a significant success. It was a first person story (entirely fictional; sorry for those that thought it was the real deal) that told the delightful tale of a young couple introducing cuckolding into their marriage. I will publish a new chapter exclusively to Patreon each month as long as we stay above $4,000.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 875 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 875 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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