Becca Godfrey

is creating kinetic, immersive abstract art
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About Becca Godfrey

Hello! My name is Becca Godfrey. I'm an abstract artist living in Alabama with my husband, two kiddos, and four chickens. I'm so excited about the opportunity to connect with you here and share some of my latest work and inspiration with you.

So, what is Patreon? It's a new way to do something that's been done in the art world for thousands of years – support artists and creatives you love so they can continue to do what they love. I currently make a living from commissions, freelance design, and teaching art, but this doesn't always connect me to my friends and followers in a consistent, authentic way. Patreon is a platform where I can share artworks and behind-the-scenes content with you, whether or not you're currently in the market for an original painting.

It's even more exciting to be here because Patreon is currently the only way to get prints of my artworks. I don't sell prints online – only original works. So, prints are an exclusive reward for those of you who subscribe at the $15+ tiers.

Knowing you enjoy my work means the world to me. Thank you for commenting on my Instagram feed and for every heart-eyed emoji you've sent my way. Your patronage not only motivates me to keep creating, but also helps me feed the chickens. Those chubby little brats are watching me right now with hungry eyes.
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Wow! You are some amazing, dedicated humans! Thanks for liking my art and supporting me as I help support my family doing what I love. When I hit my first goal of 20 Patrons, I'm going to raffle off an original artwork as my way to say thank you. You guys will have a one in twenty chance of grabbing an original piece of art to hang in your home!
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