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Hi, I'm Becca Lusher, author of the Wingborn and Dragonlands series, as well as Tales of the Aekhartain. All fantasy, some history, lots of things with wings, plenty of gratuitous landscapes, a dash of romance and more characters than you can shake a handful of feathers at. I am overly wordy, compulsively imaginative and prone to random acts of silliness, with a deep affection for corvids, clouds and stars.

My published Worlds are:
  • The Overworld (Wingborn and Dragonlands series)
    High-Fantasy with a Regency feel. A gods-cursed world that's covered in clouds and has turned mountains into islands. Survival is based on flight. Expect giant, talking eagles, dragons and occasional interfering god-people.
  • The Aekhartain (Everything Else)
    Alt-Earth fantasy series that spans from the Bronze Age into the distant future. Expect wings, lots and lots of wings, either on birds or on people's backs. But they're not angels, although a lot of them are (sort of) dead. Once you get to know them it all makes sense. Mostly. Kind of.
  • I also have many other worlds that I haven't published yet, including some mage students and their mischievous mage-beasts, a mage trapped in a dragon's body, some kelpies, a lot of talking rocks (oreads!), and a whole lot more.

Most of the serials, short stories and drabbles will involve the first two, but I might branch out into the other worlds as and when the mood strikes. 

What am I offering?
This is a Pay-What-You-Want Patreon. So pay what you want or can and get access to everything, just the same as everyone else!

What does that mean?
I've been thinking a lot about Patreon lately and how things are going for me, and while I have some ideas about how I might change that in future, for now this is all about the Wingborn Serial. By now you've probably finished World's End -- 2 months ahead of anyone else -- and now you're getting exclusive online access to the follow-up book, Aftermath. It will eventually be for sale as an ebook, but you're the only people who can read the serial version. 

Basically, if you like Wingborn and want to show a little appreciation, I will be very grateful.

Plus anyone who signs up for 2 months or more will automatically get the ebook version when it comes out. (Right now that's World's End and Aftermath.)

What am I hoping for?
To be honest, not a lot. This is an experiment for me and we will see how it goes.

Thanks for reading, and take care, my lovelies!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 115 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 115 exclusive posts
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