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About Becky Peel

Hello, there!

My name is Becky and I draw comics!

At the moment I’m working on creating a full-length comic; “Scrag’s Coffees and Creams (for Roambling Adventurer Types).” It’s a tale about adventuring, burn-out, healing, and coffee. My aim when creating comics is to try and make something that feels honest and heartfelt whilst still making you laugh (at least a lil bit.) Check out what I've made so far here on Webtoons:

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-A big pile of my eternal gratitude.

Thank you so much for reading and for checking out my work, you’re a peach.

Before entering into a mysterious pact with Becky it may interest you to know more about them. They are a real human, here they are by some trees looking wistful:

They are an artist and 2D animator currently based in Cardiff, Wales. They are pretty gay, and go by they/them. They love to draw, read scary and/or magical books, play D&D, climb fake rocks, and go outside to touch grass.

Once upon a time, Becky was reading their sister’s Captain Underpants book, and, if they remember rightly, the characters make their own little comic. They thought that was the best idea ever, so they began making very important comics about Zelda, Sonic and other very topical matters of the day. Today, they make comics as little journal entries into how they’re feeling or silly things they’ve done. They also work freelance as an artist, illustrator and animator. The industry is weird and difficult so they accidentally started making a comic about it in the form of Scrag’s Coffees and Creams.

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