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How do I summarize that which makes up my whole being in a few short paragraphs? I have never felt a particularly strong need for labels, since I am, and can only be, myself. Still, introductions are awfully tricky to write without them, and there are a few of which that I do not mind attaching myself to.

I am an herbalist. I firmly believe in the importance modern medicine holds in the world, and I also know that the Earth speaks to us through the language of plants. She whispers their healing ways and guides us along the wild paths of their finding to a place where we can live in balance with the energies that both surround and are within us.

I am a witch and I reclaim this term in dedication to my goddesses. It is my deepest spiritual belief that we are so very fortunate to live on this tiny precious blue dot lost among the vast cosmos. The Earth is currently the human race’s only home and it is our duty to take care for her to the full extent of our abilities.

I am an artist. There is something that dwells deep in me and calls out to be allowed to learn new skills and create with them. If I do not indulge this part of me I become a very cranky person indeed. I am pulled to do ink work with intuitive mandala-like designs, but also many other small and large projects from carved and inlaid runes to knitting and much more.

I am a mother of two beautiful beings of darkness and light. Parenthood is the most important, challenging, and rewarding job in my life. My eldest came into this world in 2008, and my second followed in 2009. It fills me to wonder to know the universe has entrusted me with their care.

Beyond all these labels though, I just try to passionately be myself. I love the sunrise and set, the passing of the moon and stars, the warmth of a loved one’s embrace, the solitude of a mountain hike, the flowing of the rivers and tides, the facets of my inner dragon, and the joys that life has to offer. Thus far my life has been quite the journey, and I know there is much more discovery to come.

This is where you come in! As our patreons, I look forward to sharing my creative and spiritual journey with you, and, of course, showering you with unique rewards in return for your support. I am honoured to be able to receive you patronage, as well as give back.
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My cider budget! A bit of a spur for me to set aside my introversion and start a monthly livestream. Maybe with some on the spot rune readings for anyone who joins and lots of chatting about all the topics that interest you and me.
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