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We will continue the DIY videos as we go full time rv, and we will take you with us! 
We need all the help we can get to make this music, this channel, and the information on public!
  That's right, We also fix political machines!  The system is broken, and I can fix it!!     I will run for office once people know me!  Independent or Libertarian! And More. Yes we need someone who is not a career politician but we also need someone w/o a silver spoon up their... 
  And how do we do this when the media wont even give us bad publicity?  Simple. We start our own TV and radio stations!  We put our money together and we hire lawyers to take these career criminals and their unconstitutional perversions of our laws to the supreme court!!! 
We already have laws to stop these banksters, thats why we became a country in the first place.  End these illegal taxes and tyranny!!! We can do this legally, we just need to pitch in and hire a lawyer willing to face the NWO in court.

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