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We're the Beep Boop Group, a media network made of Daniel Thoreson, Sean Francis, and their friends.

You might know us primarily from our podcasts, A Smashing Theory and Play This!. A Smashing Theory features Daniel and Sean doing their best to predict a certain highly anticipated fighting game, and Play This! is a "book club for video games" where Daniel and a rotating roster of co-hosts recommend video games to each other and have in depth discussions about them. Both of these pods are available on several podcast platforms for absolutely free, and our presence here isn't going to change that!

We've decided to join Patreon because, one, the costs of running these projects is starting to build up. However, we also have several new ideas we'd like to pursue, and we can make those dreams a reality with your help! Stuff like a brand new monthly podcast, purchasing equipment for Twitch streaming, and creating a mini-studio in our apartment to increase audio quality, among other goals, which you can find in the "Goals" section of our Patreon.

The one of these we're currently most excited about is our new podcast concept, JAM CRAM SLAM. In each episode, Daniel and Sean will learn how to play a game or hobby competitively, with the help of a pro. Then, after some training, they will immediately enter a tournament for that game or hobby, and report the results. If this Patreon reaches $300, we will record a pilot episode for the concept, where we enter a Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament and experience the Smash competitive community firsthand for the first time. At $1000, we can meet the costs necessary to make JAM CRAM SLAM a regular monthly podcast!

Your help will earn you our undying gratitude of course, but we also want to make sure anyone who donates gets some dope rewards. All Patrons that back Beep Boop Group at $1 or more per month get access to a Patreon exclusive monthly podcast! The podcast is called Beep Boop Soup, where Daniel and Sean take "Ingredients" in each episode to talk about (like "A Netflix series you're into right now" or "Your favorite GameCube game"), and uh... mix them together into a soup at the end. The Ingredients are all contributed by our Patrons! You might have to listen to an episode to understand what we mean, but we promise it's a great opportunity to hear more of our dynamic and get to know us better!

Another reward that's very worth mentioning is Polls. If you back at $2 or more, you'll get to vote on Polls that we'll post here regularly! These Polls will decide a wide range of things, from the topic of an upcoming A Smashing Theory episode to what project Sean and Daniel will tackle next after Ultimate comes out. That's right - you'll help us decide the future of A Smashing Theory!

That's not all: at the $5 or more level you can both get access to our exclusive Beep Boop Group Discord channel and get access to behind the scenes clips and cut content. At $20 or more we will read your name after the credits of all our podcasts, and if you want to give us the BIG BUCKS you can sponsor A Smashing Theory at $250 or more. We will read an ad crafted by you in every episode for the months you pledge! Be sure to read the Tiers section for more details.

However you decide to support us, know that we at Beep Boop Group are incredibly grateful. Thank you for checking us out, and allowing us to create even more fun, stupid content for you to enjoy.

$159 of $200 per month
Did you know that Sean has an unfinished Undertale playthrough on YouTube? If we get to $200, Sean will resume his playthrough and upload regular videos of it until he gets at least one ending!
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