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Beer and Board Games

We drink beer and play board games and make you laugh.

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Milestone Goals
3 Milestone Goals
Ridiculously High End or Rare Booze
$2,000 per month
We will obtain some sort of rare and/or highly unique booze and drink it on the show with a mighty toast to you. We'll need your help deciding what kind of booze to get, be it unusual or rare beer, top shelf liquor, etc.  This will be a booze to remember.
New Cameras and Microphone
$2,500 per month
We will get 2 higher quality cameras to record the show and a microphone that will record better sound.  This mic will also be usable for the live broadcast so sound during the live show will be much improved.
Beer and Board Games Hits the Road
$5,000 per month
We'll take the show on the road and do some live Beer and Board Games shows in towns and cities across the world. This would be epic.


On Beer and Board Games, we drink delicious beers and play classic and contemporary board games. Fun for all.


Madison, WI, USA

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Comedians sit around, drink beer, and play a board game. Sometimes they shout. Join the fun, won't you?

Aaron Yonda and Matt Sloan have been making online video since 2006 and have over 900 videos on Youtube and combined over 120 million views. They are most well known for their Star Wars parody series "Chad Vader - Day Shift Manager," which was chosen as George Lucas' favorite fan film of 2007. They also make Beer and Board Games together, and Aaron makes the popular gaming series Christopher Walkenthrough.

In 2010 Aaron Yonda and his brother Andrew were drinking beer and playing a game when they suddenly realized that it would be even more fun if they filmed it. 120 episodes later the show continues to come out every Thursday, mostly because of regular fan involvement and support. Simply put: views alone are not enough to make a "non-viral" show self-sustainable. This is where Patreon comes in.

By subscribing to this project you make it possible for us to continue the series and also get the chance to get involved or get an awesome B&BG item.

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