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About Before & After (and in Between)

Who am I?
I am a caregiver by day, a storygiver by night, and a poet in all the betweens.
I am a writer of poems, stories, and ramblings. 
I am an editor of almost anything, from flash fiction and novels to essays and epic poems (though maybe not those of epic length). 
I am a wife in a little apartment with my husband in orange.

Why am I here?
I'm here for you. I'm here because I want to share quality work with you and because I want to see you share your best work. Patreon allows me to share my creativity and my creative process with you. I'm excited to share my words with you! When you partner with me, we can make the world more beautiful, witty, and imaginative. 

What do you get?
Just for coming by, you get access to any and all writing prompts I create. If you're looking for something more, I've got options for you!
Do you like to read? I'll have fiction, nonfiction, and writing advice coming out regularly for patrons. There might even be the odd poem in the mix. Learn about my creative process, read some fun stories, and strengthen your own skills by unlocking patron-only posts!
If you're ready to put your own work out there, my editing services are detailed and affordable. Are you trying to make it through an academic essay? Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of editing your latest manuscript? Just need someone to check for typos before you submit a project at work? Figure out what subscription fits you by checking out the patron reward tiers! 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll consider becoming a Betweener! 
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When I reach $75 a month, I'll post monthly author recommendations, highlighting some of my favorite books and writers.
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