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About Nightmare Doors

Before Darkness Falls which is still being developed, is an incredibly polished and unique total conversion mod created on StarCraft 2 engine.

It combines elements of survival, RTS, RPG and other genres.
You command survivors who mobilize to survive the Zerg invasion of a distant mining colony.


  • Single Player
  • 2 Players co-op
  • 3 Players co-op



In the aftermath of the chaos resulting from the invasion of the feral Zerg, the defensive army of the mining colony has been almost entirely massacred. 

The evacuation of people and resources is still ongoing. 

The remnants of the Terran forces are fiercely defending the capital city, desperately waiting for support. 

A huge Zerg horde is heading towards the capital and will reach the city at the latest within eight days.The whole colony is rapidly consumed by the terrifying, hungry and ruthless darkness.

Those who managed to escape from fallen settlements, but their way to the capial was cut off by the Zerg, created small camps high in the mountains. 

United by hope they are waiting to be saved, before the darkness falls...

Mod DB Project Page

49% complete
Regardless of the amount, I will continue working at Before Darkness Falls Season 1 to deliver one of the prettiest and best game on the SC2 Arcade.

If the goal is achieved, Season 2 will arise.
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