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Worldwide campaingagainstenforced corona vaccination #befree
Please support thiswordlwidecampaing #befree whityour digital signature and senditforward to yourfriends.
By signign I ackonwledgethat:
I amagainst a direct lawenforcing a corona vaccination on individuals
I amagainst indirect laws (restrictetaccess to public buildings, events and traveling if not corona vaccinated) forcing people to corona vaccinate
I amagainstanylawrequiering a proof of corona vaccination to a third party or entity

Hi mynameis Nathanael Grabherr i am nobodyspecial, i am just a normal citizen like you. But whatis happening now concernes me verymuch. Big corporations developing new vaccines against Corona.
The point isthatthis are genetic vaccines (mRNA) not tested in long termstudys, some of the test subjectsso far showingseveresideeffects, no data about long termsideeffects are available, yetgovernmentsworldwideordering millions of those doses fromthis corporations.
Don,tget me wrong i am not denying the factthat corona can be a life threateningcontagiousdesease.
I am not againstindividualswhovoluntarely out of their free willwant to get a shot of a new experimentaldrugagainst corona.
But imagine a world whereyou have to show a doccumentthatyou have the corona vaccination if you enter an airport or your local cinema. Imagine yourchildisbannedfromschool if its not corona vaccinated. Yourgrandmaiskicked out of her retirement home becauseshe refuses to vaccinateagainstcorona.Iamagainstthat.
Why support thiscampaingnow ?
Most of us have experienced how fast ourconstitutionalrights have been ignoredbecause of corona. Governmentsalreadyreserving and ordering millions of those corona vaccination doses. GB has reseved over 80 million of those doses, compared to a 68 million population. Thats more than one dose per person. The similarpictureistrue to other states. So guesswhat how high is the chance that if those vaccines are delivered, (whichourgovernmentsspend billions of usd and euros of tax money) someonewillfind a way to force people to get a shot directly or indirectly. E.g. by restrictingtheiraccess to puplicevents if they are not vaccinatet. I am not claimingthat all governments will do that but howlikelyit will bethatthishappens? Well drawyour own conclusion. At thatmomentit will betolatetostart a campaing. Wehavetopreparenowtoshowthatweaspeoplewanttodecideourselvesoverourbodies and kidswellfare.
You mightsay one individual can not move anything, i say one drop can not move anything but million drops of water can form a hugestreamcausing bridges to cave in. Be part of the movement to protectyourfreedom over your body. #befree
Please support thisworldwidecampaing #befree whityour digital signature and senditforward to yourfriends
By signign i ackonwledgethat:
I amagainst a dircetlawenforcing a coronona vaccination on individuals
I amagainstindirectlaws (restrictetacces to public buildings, events and traveling if not corona vaccinated) forcing peopleto coronavaccainate
I amagainstanylawrequiring a proof of corona vaccination to a thirdpary or entity

Thankyousomuch for your support
To reach as many people as possible i have to investalotinto marketing campaings to get as many people as possible to signthis draft. As wellthere are otherexpenses to run a worldwidecampaign. Second itmightbethat i getattaked by big corporations legaly to burie me in court expenses. In order to keepthiscampaing running i have to rely on yourfinancial support.
If you can and feel the samewayplease support thiscampaingwhit a donation

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