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Tim and Kurt started Behavioral Grooves with an idea - to build a fun, approachable weekly podcast for people who were interested in learning more about how to positively apply behavioral science to their work and life.  Since 2017, Behavioral Grooves has built on that mission by interviewing world-renown behavioral science researchers and practitioners.  We enhance these interviews with our "grooving session" where Tim and I take the ideas presented by our guests and expand on them; sometimes helping to clarify the technical insights to make them more application-focused, and other times providing more background research to help explain why the applications work the way they do.  

We believe that expanding people's knowledge of behavioral science, and its ethical application, will help improve the way they think and behave, providing real benefits for how to live.  We cover a variety of topics and research and always bring a bit of humor to the show. 

Oh yeah, we talk a bit of music as well (or at least Tim does).  

Recently, we started producing a special series on how behavioral science can help people understand and better cope with the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences.  The result has been a significant increase in the number of shows that we are producing (from once a week to almost daily).  While this is a lot of work, we feel that it is important to help people in this time of crisis. 

We work hard at this and are constantly trying to improve - better production, better interviews, better guests.  This is truly a passion for us, one that we hope will inspire, inform and be of value for people.

Our guests seem to think so: 

  • Annie Duke: “You guys are my favorite podcast.”
  • Caroline Webb, Ph.D.: “I turned down three other podcast interviews this week, but not for you.”
  • Ali Fenwick, Ph.D.: “What you’re doing is providing a real service to people.”
But we need your help.    

On average, each hour of the produced show takes between 8 and 10 hours of our combined work between research, preparation, interview recording, post-production for intro's and our grooving session, editing, and hosting.  Beyond the documents that we create for all of this, we also develop episode notes that feature, on average, a dozen links to behavioral science resources and a half dozen musical references.  For over two years, we have been doing this work without pay or any monetary support.  Additionally, we incur hosting fees,  website design and maintenance, transcription costs, and storage space for the terabytes of data for all of our episode. 

Your support and patronage would be very much appreciated.  You, and people like you, could help us offset some of the hard costs and help us improve our offering.  

We are so grateful to all of our listeners in all 113 countries that propelled us into Chartable's Top 20 Social Science Podcasts this year.  We love doing this. We put our hearts and souls into this every week. We hope that you find value in it and want to support us in this endeavor with an ongoing pledge.  Our deepest and warmest thanks.  
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