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Everything that 2 dollars gets you but a delicious sense of superiority over those 2 dollar schlubs and I will personally message you to tell you what unspeakable dread is behind you at this very second.
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About Brian Coldrick

Behind You is an ongoing horror webcomic/series made by me, Brian Coldrick (hello). While they're usually static, some are simple animated gifs. All of them so far can be found here:

The whole thing sprung out of my love of horror films and books, and particularly the reading of spooky internet stories. My favourite type of spooky internet story is the real life account. These barely function as narratives, they are basically scary scenarios. There are so many gaps in the stories there’s lots of room for the reader to fill them in with their own conclusions. This series is essentially my attempt to purposefully do the same.

Each page is simply a character with someone, or something, behind them and a line of text. While some of them touch on well worn horror tropes, none are direct adaptions of existing stories, I treat fairytales and myths, old and new, as fair game. Hopefully there is some amusing weirdness and genuine creepiness in the mix.

I work as a freelance illustrator and by supporting this Patreon you help me to continue to set aside the time to create new pages. Cheers!
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I'll create a one off Pi based Behind You special just for patrons. I have no idea what this will consist of.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 55 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 55 exclusive posts

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