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Diana has been presneting all over Australia and internationally. How can you access your funny bone in your presentation?

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Why $13.52?
Every year Diana receives a cheque from a comedy TV show (20 seconds) to reminder her how much she is really worth. This is how crazy comedy is.

With over 100 #JustDoingKaraoke interviews, Diana have dreamt of hosting a TV show interviewing people from all aspects of life and how they add/see the funny in life.

Keeping it snorting real.

With lots of funny people now unemployed, it is the perfect time for this show. Why comedy, how comedy and who the bloody hell are you?

This plate of JoyFool includes: 
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Diana will be using the funds for production setup and marketing for "SnortCast" livestream/podcast.
A Children's Picnic of Comedy
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With the recent lockdown, as parents are you finding creative ways to entertain your kids?

This picnic includes: Diana comes with a ukluele, storytelling with Poppy and #DancingDiana.

This picnic group is special, it's a virtual and an interactive show. There will be special guests on JoyFool.

Instead of turning on Youtube, allow your kid to be entertained, learn and interact with Diana & Poppy (puppet).

Let you and your kids be JoyFools too.

This exclusive access to JoyFool kids show includes:
🎵 Weekly 30-minute live show.
🎵 This will suit your 3-6 year old kids.

The monetary funds will support Diana with setup and curation of her work for children to be shared/collaborated with Joyfool parents.




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*happy snort*, it's me, Diana.

Actor. Comedian. Video Content Creator. Joyfool. 

I am an actor, but with the lack of work (thanks COVID19), I jumped into standup to STAND OUT.

I went onto LinkedIn to share my joy, and it paved ways for my first TedXTalk.

In the past 15 years of my emerging career in the Australian TV and entertainment industry, 
I have created my own work so that my voice, my culture and my story could inspire a new generation of storytellers in Australia and the world.

I decided to be BRAVE.

Instead of waiting for 20 second bit parts, or one-page scripts, I have written, produced and performed my work all over Australia and internationally.

My work has included:
💃 Short Story - 5 ways to disappoint your Vietnamese Mother.
💃 Theatre show - Phi and Me
💃 Stand Up show - Naked
💃 Stand Up show - Dirty Diana
💃 Stand Up showing - Chasing Keanu Reeves (cancelled due to COVID19)


💃 I co-created the FIRST ever Vietnamese Australian family comedy webseries in the world.
The concept was first created in 2011, and performed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for 4 years, with a 4.5 star review by the Herald Sun. From theatre to a webseries, it took over 9 years in the making, we created Phi & Me. 

>>>> 📽️ Watch Phi & Me webseries - www.phiandme.tv 📽️

Fast forward to today... Despite the crisis, I'm going to survive (and you will too).

In my recent TedxTalk, I spoke about how my life is the arts. And how I have created creative content for my Linkedin community via dancing and talking about comedy.

This is my blood, this is my livelihood.
Now, I want people to be #BeBrave in their own stories, to use comedy, and be a #JoyFool in their own lives.

This is what inspired me to create this Patreon*

My goal is to raise funds and with your support, let's 

💃 Set up a LiveStreaming/PodCast called "SnortCast - Keeping it snorting really." Interviewing funny people from all over the world in how comedy saved their lives.

💃Build a community of brave souls who want to have fun telling their story.

💃 Create an interactive children's show, where children are part of the creative/artistic process (and keep parent sane, seriously it's a crazy world right now).

💃 Create another season of Phi and Me.

💃 I plan to eventually move to Los Angeles so I can continue to make art (and win that Oscar).

AND why is this important to me:
It's to increase fun and joy in this crazy world. 

Let's be joyfool together.

💰 What's next?
Patreon is a membership community platform, you pick a tier/package that suits you. 
In exchange for your monthly support, you will gain some epic packages.

For more information www.diananguyen.com.au/patreon about my work and story.

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