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Thank you for supporting me! In this tier you'll get QNA access with a constant stream of question and answer threads. I'll answer every question be it fitness, nutrition, mindset, cosplay, or anime. If it's a particularly good question, I will also make it into a video.

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Be More Shonen Online Personal Training

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What people say about me:

“Chris Minney has me pulling more than I ever thought I could”

“My nutrition and training strategy is to just do whatever Chris Minney tells me to!”

“Legitimately the most thought out training programs I’ve seen”

Sick and tired of over-priced work-out programs and useless personal trainers? Struggling to make sense of all the fitness information out there? Do you want to lose fat? Build muscle? Look like an anime character? I got you.

As an athlete myself who relies on his physique not only for cosplay but as a shop front, I am in the trenches of the most advanced research in strength, nutrition, and physique development. I need to be! I take all of that information and then transform it into easily understood programs that you can follow regardless of skill level, equipment, or dietary preference.

This is what you’ll get by choosing me as your online fitness coach:

  • Customised dietary guidelines based on your preferences
  • A customised training program based on your goals and available equipment
  • Weekly program adjustments for both training and diet based on your progression (updated every Monday)
  • One optional monthly video call with me up to an hour long
  • Form feedback to optimise your exercise technique
  • Daily check ins from me to you to answer any questions you might have as well as keep you motivated
  • Free access to my training books & any future books that I release
  • Free coaching for a month for every client that is referred

£35 per month is my early bird price and it will remain that way for you forever as long as you don’t cancel, it will double up once I run out of slots.

Take the plunge and go all in. The pursuit of strength and fitness was the best decision I ever made, and I would of gotten here much faster if I had a coach who knew their craft!

  • QnA Access
  • Up To One Hourly Video Call Per Month
  • A customised training program
  • Customised dietary guidelines
  • Weekly program adjustments for training/diet
  • Form feedback to optimise your exercise technique
  • Daily check ins from me to you
  • Free access to my training books



About Be More Shonen

This isn't even your final form!

My name is Chris Minney & I'm a online fitness coach, powerlifter (336 wilks), and competitive cosplayer (WCS 18+21 🥉C4 22).

I was inspired by my anime heroes to achieve my goals and I'm on a mission to help a million others do the same!

Be More Shonen is a fitness brand dedicated to anime fans and cosplayers, a brand that embodies those epic stories and combines them with tested mindset principles, proven exercise science, and a no-nonsense approach to nutrition.

This Patreon is for my personal training services with the goal of helping anime fans, gamers, and cosplayers specifically. I have been training myself for 8 years and training others on a personal level for 6 years. During that time I’ve read hundreds of books, thousands of articles, and have been subscribed to multiple research reviews on training and nutrition.

I'm positive that by working together I can help you with your goals.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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