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"Chiptunes and Coffee: A Love Story"

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Indianapolis, IN, USA

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My name is Ben Briggs, and I love to make music. To challenge myself to become a more skilled musician, I've decided to embrace Patreon by completing two new original songs every month, and an additional "Bonus Beat" remix every month. Have some examples:

Latest original release: Listen Now (#28. Don't Force It)
Latest Bonus Beat remix: Listen Now (#8. Banjo-Kazooie)

Patreon allows me to let go of traditional artist's pressure, yet challenge myself to be creative at regular intervals, with the added bonus of providing perks and rewards for Patrons! Not to mention the free music. You can find the pledge levels and their perks below.

This is a fan-sponsored journey to improve my craft, to increase my experience, and to level up myself. I am humbled and thrilled to be a part of it with you. Thank you.
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