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"We do not kneel!"

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The Black Council - A discussion about various historical events in Westeros! 

Green Dreams - Theories and speculation! Who is the Knight of the Laughing Tree? Azor Ahai? Quaithe? 

MEAD, MEAT, and CHEESE - A food review followed by various Game of Thrones THEORIES! 

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About Bend the Knee

Dear Friends,

THANK YOU!!! Your presence on this page is a huge vote of confidence for the podcast and us! If you enjoy listening to Bend the Knee: A Song of Ice and Fire Podcast, then this is your opportunity to support the show and get involved! We really enjoy podcasting and want to take our podcast to the next level! We would love to upgrade our equipment, travel to conventions, conduct more interviews, keep the podcast ad-free, and most importantly provide you with a way to INFLUENCE the SHOW!

We love interacting with listeners and discussing WESTEROS! When you become our Patron, you not only support the show you become a part of the show! Our rewards are designed to give you additional content, exclusive access, and influence.

We invite you to pledge your sword and join our cause! Help us further the discussion and take it beyond the wall or over the summer sea! Send us a raven with your theories, create a Westeros House and Sigil, and enjoy additional content exclusive to Patreon.

Yours Truly,
Ser Ezra the Watchful 
Ser Matt the Bud Knight
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At 100 patrons, Ser Matt and Ser Ezra will compete in an axe throwing competition. We will let you decide what the loser has to do!

Ser Matt and Ser Ezra will be able to upgrade their podcasting equipment and focus additional time on the Bend the Knee YouTube channel. 
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