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About Ben Dutter

My name is Ben Dutter, and I write and design tabletop roleplaying games. In March 2015, I published Vow of Honor after a successful Kickstarter. During the polishing and publication process, I began working on my next game - Hunt the Wicked.

By the time I got my print proofs for Vow of Honor - I had already completed writing and major playtesting for Hunt the Wicked. The game was scheduled to be Kickstarted in September 2015 (which was successful, by the way), and so I set out to create my next game - Belly of the Beast. Guess what? I finished writing that in April, a whole year ahead of my publication schedule.

You see, I love to write. I love making RPGs. I can't help myself, and I want to channel that creative energy (more like obsessive anxiety) into improving and expanding the universes and settings that I place my games: the brutal and amoral world of Sasara, the exotic and alien planets of the Vassal Territories, the endless and caustic Evergut, and the many more settings to come from Sigil Stone Publishing.

The Patreon

So why Patreon? Simply, your patronage will allow me to write rpg supplements that can be used for my games - Vow of Honor, Hunt the Wicked, etc. I want to expand upon these worlds, but it isn't economically feasible for me to pay my editor, layout designer, and artists to release some $5 or $10 supplement every few months. Quite frankly, I'd be a bit bored with that.

Instead, I want to produce as much solid content as I can, presented in a way that's digestible and simple for you, and low-cost for me. The games you love and play will only get better, and you can use my ideas and words for inspiration on your own campaigns, gaming projects, hacks, or games using other systems.

Here's the cool part - there's only one pledge, and it's for $1. Yep, $1 per supplement, you get exclusive content, and I get to burn off that incessant creative anxiety passion without losing too much money in the process.

What's a supplement?

Each supplement (what you pay $1 for) will consist of at least one of the following:

  • 2,000+ words about a particular setting
  • Two d66 random tables for hooks, seeds, disasters, etc (72+ options)
  • An adventure that's appropriate for a particular game or setting
  • Rules expansions, alternatives, or hacks for one of my games
  • 1,000+ words of fiction (generally in one of my settings)

I've written up an example supplement, a setting expansion for Vow of Honor's Sasara. It details a city called Tarborand, an economic powerhouse under blockade by roaming bands of Carhai Raiders. This particular supplement is about 3,500 words (17 5.5x8.5" pages), and gives the GM plenty of flavor and context to run a session (or campaign) in the struggling, corrupt city.

I can't thank you enough for your support, and hope you enjoy reading my supplements as much as I enjoy writing them.
$37 of $150 per supplement
I will include at least one piece of simple, original artwork for each supplement.
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