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We all benefit from the time and effort that open source maintainers are willing to put in; together, we created a commons that is free for anyone to use regardless of their financial circumstances. As an active member of the community, I have created a lot of software that is mostly focused around CSS development. If you've ever used CodePen, or webpack you are probably using my software already! Here are just a few of the modules I maintain, either solo or as part of a team:

  • colorguard - Keep a watchful eye on your CSS colors.
  • cssnano - A modular minifier based on a collection of PostCSS modules. Used by webpack's css-loader.
  • caniuse-lite - A compressed subset of caniuse data, ideal for client side bundling.
  • midas - A CSS syntax highlighter.
  • perfectionist - A CSS formatter based on PostCSS.
  • postcss - A parser/plugin system that enables a developer to transform CSS using JavaScript.
  • postcss-selector-parser - A CSS selector parser with an API that's similar to PostCSS.
  • postcss-use - Enables you to load PostCSS plugins directly from a stylesheet. Used by CodePen.

And much more! Check out my profile on npm.

A lot of this software is in widespread usage today, precisely because myself and other maintainers have provided support & kept it up to date. However, due to the popularity of these projects, I have much more work on my plate than I can afford to do in a reasonable time frame. Once I find time to work on updates, any new release is going to increase the popularity of a project, which will inevitably lead to more work.

In order to do my job properly and create an open project that people can rely on, I therefore need to spend a lot of time creating the software and keeping it relevant. I of course welcome the users who contribute to the software and it does make me feel good to know that my work has a positive impact on my user's applications.

But like everyone else, I need an income to live. It can be discouraging to generate a huge amount of value for the community and then have it go mostly uncompensated. That's why I'm asking for financial backing so that I can put more time into what I love doing. With your help I can do this.

If you use any of my modules in a revenue-generating product, it makes good business sense to help pay for the ongoing development costs, as any bugs or enhancements can be worked on in a timely manner, and keeps the modules healthy.

Thanks for your support!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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