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Hello! My name is Ben Emberley, and I am a freelance Composer, Conductor, Orchestrator and Arranger. I specialise in arranging videogame music for Orchestras and other ensembles/groups.

I have worked in the past on the "Legend of Zelda - Symphony of the Goddesses" Concert, which toured worldwide from 2012 to 2017. I am starting up running channels on YouTube, Twitter and SoundCloud, and very soon, Twitch, where I would be showcasing the music I have written, the arrangements I have made, as well as the thought process and approaches/methods I have to the music I have made.

Music is my life. It is what almost all my creativity revolves around. Being a child of the 80's, videogames were a huge part of my growing up, so in addition to composing my own music, I have also decided to make the crossover into writing videogame arrangements. I have been loving every minute of it.

When you donate to my Patreon, you will be helping me to successfully devote my time to creating more music, and gain access to higher quality software to enable me to produce more realistic sounds in the realisation of the compositions and arrangements I make, allowing me to successfully balance my freelance musical career with the social media exposure and engagement with you and the other amazing and generous people who are interested in the things that I can give them.

Several reasons:  Firstly, Patreon, from what I have seen, promotes a culture of openness and honesty, so you can have complete transparency on my goals, activity, and where I am looking to take the channel.  Also, it very much helps cover monetary costs of making/recording albums (one of the downsides to being independent/freelance, and not being contracted to a record label), increasing sound quality, as well as sharing thoughts, views, ideas, methods in how I go about my approach to creating the music I have, in order to give back to you, the followers.

Composing music is a very time-consuming activity.  For me, the inspirational side of creativity is the most time-heavy aspect.  This has to be run in conjunction with the videos I'm looking to create, which are also time-consuming:  writing the scripts, filming, editing, graphic design, etc, each video takes most of a day to create. I will be uploading videos on a monthly basis, as well as sharing scores of arrangements; full score and parts, as well as audio (mp3 and .midi), and also running live streaming Twitch videos (Vlogs and Questions and Answers) to keep the quality levels high and the content in what I can provide you always fresh and interesting.  I will also be holding Hangout and/or Skype Chats with higher-tier Patrons, and these will also take up suggestions of arrangements, suggestions of future plans, as well as 1-to-1 discussions and advice on how to Orchestrate and Arrange!

Sadly, the biggest obstacle for me is finding time. Trying to survive and build my career as a musician in the UK is difficult, where nearly all my current finances go into sustaining myself in terms of rent, utility bills and related financial commitments including food/sustenance. The downside of being freelance is that I cannot rely on a steady income as it's purely commission-based.  When commissions do come in, I can still find some time to deliver to you what I want to deliver, but time is needed in order to create the music that you would love to hear.

That is why I am turning to you: Patreon is a wonderful way for me to focus on exactly what I want to do both in the world of professional music and on YouTube/Twitch/SoundCloud and dedicate the time that I need to really let those channels grow for your enjoyment and indulgence.

This is a one-man gig; all you see and hear is brought to you by only one person - me.  But.........thanks to Patreon for creating this platform, and your priceless support, it can be  more; much much more. Your support and love is why I love writing and sharing what I have made with you; making these videos, writing and sharing the music, and engaging with you directly - sharing what I think is a beautiful and magical art with people who love Classical and/or Videogame music as I do.

Thank you for your time and attention! ^_^

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Thank you so much for your kind support! The channel is new, so at the moment, you will be getting: 

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- A Thankyou post on my Feed  for your contributions!

- An engraved .pdf and .mp3 audio of an arrangement/composition each month 

- I'll be posting pictures from throughout the week, providing you with the musical exploits, and screenshots of how my music is developing!

Thank you so much! <3

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Oooh, wow!! Thank you sooo much! ^_^  Well, the channel is new, so at the moment, you will be getting every month:

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My goodness!! Thank you for being so generous!! ^_^  Well, the channel is new, so at the moment, you will be getting:

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- chance to make requests for future arrangements

Thank you so much! <3

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When we reach the first goal, I will share with you all the newest piece I am currently writing upon it's completion:  an audio (.mp3) of a Symphonic Poem "The Ballad of Termina", featuring music from "The Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask"
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