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In addition to all of that I'll be making icons and avatar packs along with other goodies for you to enjoy!

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About Ben Jelter

Hi everybody! I'm running this Patreon to fund my sci-fi webcomic Heliosphere.

Heliosphere is a story about a young inventor named Maya who gets trapped in the future. She meets an underground organization called uplift that is trying to overthrow the ruling elite.

I really like conceptual sci-fi and surrealism so this story will contain a lot of elements of both.

Patrons will get access to a lot of work-in-progress pictures and pages that give a more in-depth explanation of the world. There will also be interesting side stories that expand on the world and feature guest artists. Patrons will also get all of the pdfs of the comic that I would otherwise be selling.

The project is called Heliosphere because it takes place entirely within our solar system. At the time that the story takes place, the technology exists to colonize other planets but interstellar travel has not yet been accomplished. I think of the project as bio-punk because a lot of the technology in the story is a result of genetic engineering rather than traditional electronics.

I'd like to update Heliosphere a lot more frequently! Your support can help me get the free time required to do that. Thanks for your support!

-Ben Jelter
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If we reach $100 I'll create a unique animated gif every month for Patreon backers!
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