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Hello and welcome to Benlunar! From this day on you are a citizen of Benlunar. As a citizen you are the lifeblood of the town. In your welcome package you will receive your official certificate of residency as well a personal letter from the mayor (a rare honour!). 

In these documents you will find a passcode that will grant you access to the 'citizens' page of the Benlunar website. This is a place where the community can find bonus art work, maps, stories and much more. 

You will also be amongst the first people to find out if there are any upcoming events, products or special episodes happening.

The Benlunar community are a wonderful group of talented, caring, creative and generous people. We look forward to welcoming you! 
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Benlunar's most active citizens! Being a trader in Benlunar makes you an important part of the town. Perhaps you own a stall in the market, or maybe you run a popular inn or guest house for Benlunar's many visitors. People are happy to see you in the bustling streets and you're always a hoot at parties! What ever your business, being a trader means you get access to certain privileges (as mandated by the trader's union).

Not only do you get all the benefits of being a citizen, but being a trader means that the mayor needs to keep you happy (you pay his wages). That means you can expect a special audio message from the mayor of Benlunar as part of your welcome. 
Town Leader
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As a Town Leader, you are part of an expert group of decision makers. Town Leaders get together in the Stave Church to discuss the major events concerning Benlunar. People in the street know your name and nod their heads to you as you pass by.  

Town Leaders get access to all the previous rewards as well as the opportunity to join a discussion with the creators of Benlunar and some other members of the community. These informal chats give you the opportunity to ask questions, get extra information and just generally hang out from time to time with the show's creators. 

Town Leaders are important members of the community and are generally intelligent, kind and inquisitive people. They are what makes Benlunar such a respectful place to live!




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This is where fans of 'Benlunar' can join the community and become citizens of Benlunar! By supporting the creators of Benlunar you will be granted access to exclusive content and rewards not available to casual listeners.

Becoming a citizen means that your voice can be heard in town meetings and you get direct access to the podcast's creators. Simon and Tom will send you personal thank yous and content created with you in mind.

So pick a tier, choose your rewards and become an official citizen of Benlunar!

Thank you for making it this far. We want to take this moment to tell you that we appreciate all your support. We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to Benlunar. 
All our love,
Simon & Tom

For more information about the podcast and to listen to episodes visit
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A very special tribute that features interviews with the creators and behind the scenes insights into how the podcast is made. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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