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About Steve and Nikki Bennett

Steve Bennett: Illustrator and Con Personality Extraordinaire. Likes history, traveling, and telling stories to captivated audiences. Kryptonite: high places.

Nikki Bennett: Artist and potential Pulitzer Prize winning author (you never know!) Likes horses, the beach, and puppy smooches. Spiders make her squeamy.

Welcome to our page! Here you'll get to read awesome stories, view and possibly win some spectacular art, and get a bunch of other goodies to boot!
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Our ultimate goal is for us to focus on our passions full-time. Steve is a full time artist now, but the money flow is small and spotty. Nikki has a full-time job, but retirement is fast approaching, and now's the time to lay down the groundwork to make writing and painting her future full-time gig.

So our first goal is to bring in enough money to get our art studio equipment together and send work out for editing. Steve desperately needs a new Mac to create his artwork. Nikki would like to invest in higher quality brushes, canvases, and a really good easel. She also has a new manuscript that needs to be sent to an editor.
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