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Hi! I'm Benny James!

I'm a new-ish musician and voice actor in the world of podcasts! Currently I compose for the following podcasts: LEARN, The Lavender Ladies, Dining in the Void, and Project Ozma. Each podcast (other than Ozma since it's still in development) has episodes, music, and other various content for you to view! I compose music for each of these podcasts and voice Sine for LEARN, and do some voices here and there for The Lavender Ladies.

And if you're here to purchase music for your podcast, video, or any sort of project, here's how we can make that happen!

Step One: Contact me at [email protected] There you and I can meet and talk about whatever kind of music you're looking for, and if I'm the person that can do that for you, than we're in business!

Step Two: Determine the desired length of your song with my pricing scale, which is a simple $10 per minute of music!

Step Three: Once we've discussed what you want for your piece and I send you (in a timely manner) a song(s) you deem acceptable to your needs, I will write up a total bill for each song, and then I will connect with you via PayPal so you can complete your payment! Do not submit a donation via Patreon! Just a direct payment via PayPal saves time and money!
$21 of $200 per Song
I hope to reach $200 to afford better recording equipment such as microphones, software, etc. Once I reach $200, Patrons will get early access to songs on my upcoming albums up to a week before the release date! Additionally, Patrons will get their names mentioned in a special song-form thank you video on my YouTube channel!
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