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About Ben Tan

Hi, my name is Ben Tan and I'm addicted to drawing pinup girls. Spicy, saucy, scrumptious girls who have a hard time keeping a-hold of their clothes.

The problem is, I can't post most of the stuff I create on Facebook without someone complaining or me getting banned. And even DeviantArt considers some of the pieces to be too risque. So how do we make sure only those people who WANT to see the girls get to see them unfettered in all their glory?

Enter Patreon! With Patreon, only those people who WANT to see everything do!

Become a patron and get access to everything!

  • Works in Progress -- See sketches as they emerge. I like to post things as I move to the next phase, or switch to a different piece.
  • View Pieces BEFORE They're Published -- Peek into my studio to see what I'm currently working on. I'll share pieces months before they're published.
  • Exclusive Content -- I'll post stuff here exclusive to Patreon that you can't see anywhere else.
  • All Variants -- I'll often create different variants for different audiences. See them all here!
  • Uncensored Content -- No covered bits, all the naughtiness you can handle, including stuff even DeviantArt considers too deviant.
  • Special Commissions -- I have a number of pieces that are "published" but not easily accessible (because you have to subscribe or get a physical book). As a patron, you would get full access to these pieces.
  • Occasional Full Resolution Images -- Every once in a while I will post a full resolution image for all of you who like diving into details.
  • Occasional Full Photoshop Files -- For you art geeks who like to see how a piece is constructed, I will post occasional image files with all layers.
  • Request Line is Open -- As a patron, you can make suggestions for new pieces, request variants and sketches for existing pieces you've seen elsewhere, and request full resolution or photoshop files for select pieces. I can't guarantee that I can fulfill every request, but will do what I can.
I'll endeavor to post at least one new finished piece a month. But some months (like October) I may end up with 6 or more.  You can continue to find my art for free on my Facebook page: and DeviantArt page: and even my old Bellefree gallery:

And of course, I'm open to suggestions, so please let me know!

Thanks for considering!

-- Ben

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