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I am Dr. Ben Wood Johnson. I was born in the French Caribbean. I am a non-native English speaker. I live in the Keystone State (Pennsylvania) with my wife and children.
I am an author, educator, and philosopher. I am a social scientist by trade. But my philosophical thoughts are rooted in the works pioneered by Jean-Paul Sartre, Thomas Paine, John Austin, H.L.A. Hart, and W.E.B. Du Bois. I am also a poet, artist, and musician. I speak French, English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.
I consider myself a modernist thinker. I view the world from a peculiar prism. I would like to share my views of the world in a way that incites others to view their world with a bit of skepticism. What is often projected about the world is not necessarily all there is to know about the world itself.
I believe in the power of education. This is the best intellectual means to empower others in their environment, be it social or else. As an educator, I feel a duty to be the voice of those who are left out to fend for themselves. I believe that philosophy is a powerful to achieve self-enlightenment.
By means of social media and other platforms, I hope to help make the world a better place. I hope to educate others. I also hope to learn about the world of others in the process.
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I would like to procure enough sound to make my monologues sound as professional as possible. I would like to invite other professionals in the field of philosophy to join me. I need your support to make my podcasts a wonderful experience to all.
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