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About Ben Wu Loves You

When I was young, my mother would ask, "Do you know the difference between the truth and make believe?" I would always answer, "Yes, mama, I do." But, to be honest, the line between reality and my imaginary world has never been distinct. Luckily, I grew up in a rural nook of the U.S. south. Around here a penchant for embellishing the truth combined with a compulsion to delight and befuddle friends and strangers alike with wild tales and meandering thoughts is considered a good thing. Since, I am much too set in my ways to reform (who'd want that anyway), I've decided to organize and illustrate the stories knocking around my head and present them to the world. Also, sharing with you, like minded folks from the wider world, gives me freedom of expression that I don't always have in a small-town environment.

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  • Monthly letters and zines, for subscribers only (2nd and 3rd tier subscribers).
  • Random bits of writing and illustrations,comics, and things separate from the letters and zine, stories that must be written, images aching to be drawn, and  ideas that must be shared.
  • Photographs, little windows into my life and my creative process, snapshots of my expanding organic garden, occasional tours of my farm (which I am in the process of reWILDing), as well as the beautiful landscape around me, and my various fermentation projects and brews (heirloom wine and beer recipes)
  • and any fun, interesting, frivolous, and ponderous things that pop up in my day to day life-- anything I post on Patreon is exclusively for Patreon and will not appear on any social media platform, or at the very least, you will hear it first.

For my 2nd tier dears, I will provide either a letter or a zine that can be emailed or mailed to a physical address. Imagine that, an actual letter in your mail box! Depending on time constraints,  I may be able to spend a little time drawing on the envelope-- mail art and handwritten letters do not have to be a thing of the past.

My zine, Lucifer Snag, will be less frequent than my letters due to their intricacy. I pour a lot of love into my zines, endeavoring to bring as many of my personas into each volume. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention the many faces of Mr. Wu? I'm a bit like Roger from American Dad, but without the really rad costumes and Paul Lyndian lilt. That being said, my letters, Notes from Summerwane, are thoughtful and well illustrated with my own drawings, photos, etc. As you thumb through the collected leaves I send, my hope is that you will get to know me and hopefully find a little escape, a lot of entertainment, and solace in my words and images.

My beloved 3rd tier members will receive a zine or letter a month, as well as, all books I produce: novels, novellas, fiction, non fiction, lavishly illustrated inanity-- interesting, if nothing else, and almost always irreverent.This tier will receive books I hope to publish before they are available elsewhere, but  they will receive books for their enjoyment only, available no where else. Depending on your preference the volumes will be delivered two to three times a year, either a hard-copy by post or an eBook sent to your email.

As, I mentioned above that my work often falls into the category of irreverent, but I am not mean spirited. I am by inheritance a contrarian with a heart  of a humorist and mind of a satirist, a misanthrope by nature, and paradoxically, a lover of my fellow humans not in spite of, but because of their foibles and frailties. I focus on the stories that will not make it into your social media news feed. I write about myself and my fellow wayfarers; we who sojourn in obscurity, but contain, as Whitman said, multitudes.  I believe in liberty, personal responsibility, and open societies. I am a lover of nature and of all life,but I bow to no human or human-made institution. I am a fervent believer in civil discourse, but I avoid arguing at all costs. If my example by deed or by ink does not inspire the better, queerer angels of your nature, then a blustery diatribe, no matter how well-intended, will not make a whit of difference.

In days of old, I published three books, now off the market: The Macabre Alphabet, An Ivory Chopstick, and Very Naughty Figs, each a collection silly, occasionally macabre, tales illustrated, copiously, in my tell-tale pen and ink style (inspired by the like of Beardsley, Clarke, and Gorey).

I am a recovering Baptist and a radical nature worshiper, a hedge witch and organic gardener. I'm a character from a Southern Gothic novella; someone Truman Capote might've created in the margins of his notebook while listlessly dreaming and languidly scribbling on some distant, sultry, honeysuckle-soaked evening; a character of questionable morals, impeccable taste, and of uncertain orientation-- a little bit  Blanche Dubious with a smattering of Walt Whitman and a hearty portion of Marjorie Maine. LGBTQ+ all inclusive.

And please let me know if you are opposed to erotica, I don't include much of it, but it does pop up occasionally in my work.
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