André Peixinho is creating a Better and Positive World

Take off!!

$1 /mo
Any help is welcome. By pledging us with this amount, you help us start this big project! Virtual hug!!

Getting green!

$5 /mo
You plant a tree!! One of our missions is to make Earth green again! And you still help us! :)

Double green!

$10 /mo
You plant TWO trees!! You should be proud, our planet will get green two times faster!! The other positive side is, you are help us as well! :)

Nature lover!

$15 /mo
You plant THREE trees and receive an e-mail thanking you for your support. Also you'll help us a lot!!


$20 /mo
Receive an e-mail with a thank you, some stickers with our logo and plant two threes!

First Merch!

$25 /mo
Receive one of our first t-shirts (and a tree gets planted, just like if you bought the t-shirt) and help us spread the message! 

Hoodie Lover

$50 /mo
Receive one of our first hoodies (and two threes get planted, just like if you bought the hoodie) and help us spread the message!


$300 /mo
Receive a t-shirt and a hoodie (and 5 threes get planted, just as if you bought these items). You'll receive a thank you video of our team and the opportunity to chat with us via skype, to dis...