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The Magic Mirror

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Look into The Magic Mirror to see the latest readings from Andrea Aste and Neil Kelso - combining Tarot, Oracles, and other Divination Systems with Art, Culture, History, Philosophy, New Technologies and the most important questions of the month!

Receive four special journaling pages every month for you to download, print, complete and unleash your creativity! You can even bind them together and age them by hand to create your own personal Grimoire brimming with information about Tarot, Oracles and more. These pages work with all your favourite decks.

We will also be sharing weekly bitesize videos to give you a inspiration and knowledge about Tarot, Oracles, Divination Systems and new ways for you to unleash their power.
  • Monthly reading with Andrea Aste (Tarot and Oracle - watch live or catch up)
  • Monthly Reading with Neil Kelso (Tarot and Oracle - watch live or catch-up)
  • Month-by-month special journaling pages to build your Grimoire
  • Weekly Bitesize Video (Tarot, Oracle, and other Esoteric Devices)

The Alchemist's Laboratory

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Enter into The Alchemist's Laboratory for deep insight into how Tarot and Divination Systems are born, and how to unleash their hidden powers.

In our monthly Laboratory Livestream we will be sharing our research and discoveries. Join us on a behind-the-scenes guided tour of Tarot, oracles, new technologies, and more. We want to show you how Tarot has evolved from the very beginning in different interpretations throughout history and how decks are created so that you can deepen your relationship with your cards. 

This journey is illustrated with weekly Work-In-Progress Updates (sketches and updates), and enriched by our detailed monthly LabNotes (innovative spreads, tips, tools). These will help you to develop a deeper and very personal connection - whether you read for yourself, your friends, or for a living.

Patrons of The Alchemist's Laboratory receive ALL the content available with The Magic Mirror PLUS:

  • Monthly Laboratory Livestream with Andrea Aste and Neil Kelso
  • Monthly LabNotes (Spreads, Tips, and More)
  • Weekly Work-In-Progress Updates (sketches, studies, and more)

The Shadow Elixir

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It is time to dream big. By drinking The Shadow Elixir, you will enter into a magical world where you will receive three empowering hours of exclusive personal mentoring from Andrea Aste and/or Neil Kelso every month. 

If you are an inquisitive or creative person venturing deeper into the Esoteric and Magical fields, this is the perfect way to learn, grow, and flourish with all the support you need. In structured one-to-one meetings, you will receive personal support connected to Tarot, creativity, and magic.

Every two weeks you will have an in-depth video call for one-hour-and-a-half with your personal mentor Andrea Aste and/or Neil Kelso.

Patrons of the The Shadow Elixir receive ALL the content available with The Magic Mirror PLUS:
  • Every Two Weeks a personal 90-minute video call with your mentor (Andrea Aste and/or Neil Kelso)

About Berith and Brimstone

We are Berith and Brimstone. Join us in a deep exploration of Tarot, Esoteric Magic, Art and lots more!

We're a creative laboratory that produce innovative new decks, books, and tools for divination and creativity.

You may know us as the creators of "Oracolarium" (the first ever Augmented Reality deck of oracle cards) "The Book of Shadows" (the lost code of Tarot) and "The Tarot of Light and Shadow" (in collaboration with John Matthews).

We have a dream... We are working on creating a huge collection of magical tools and resources that fill the world with rich, magical, and empowering experiences.

With your support we can film and share the research and interviews we are doing, and we can give you all-areas access to experience the innovations we're working-on in real time, mixing ancient knowledge with new technologies and artistic collaborations.

We believe that everyone should be able to access the powerful tools to build their own magical life, and with your help we can create high-quality, deep and rich content to inspire people.

Along the way we'll also be sharing our knowledge and research into Tarot and many other traditions. We'll be creating informative instructional videos to help you broaden or deepen your readings, and your creativity. You'll also receive new magical tools and techniques to experiment with.

Let's sail away together on this grand adventure!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts

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