Sarah Spikes (Stardust) is creating The Berkeley Rationality and Effective Altruism Community Hub


$1 /mo
Every contribution helps keep the center running!

Snack Picker

$20 /mo
Choose one snack to always keep stocked at the center.


$50 /mo
Choose a book to be featured in the library, with an optional endorsement blurb about why you chose it. (You can change your book endorsement at most twice a month, the book will be purchased if no...


$100 /mo
Endorse a charity, organization, or website you believe is effective/worthwhile on the

Heroic Responsibility

$500 /mo
If you so desire, you will be invited to Board of Directors meetings and will be able to weigh in on important decisions.

The Space You Can Save

$1,000 /mo
Heroic Responsibility + have a charity or organization you believe to be especially effective promoted in the physical space (e.g. large poster in the common room).