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About started in 2016. It’s because of our readers and listeners that we’ve been able to grow. We currently host a few podcasts, but we are really hoping to add some more. We currently have four podcasts in our family and also hope to add some more in the future. However, we want to provide the best content imaginable, and maintaining the quality isn’t easy.

We are grateful for those who chose to support us. The money donated to us is used to pay for server costs for both podcasts and the site, marketing, and purchasing access to films (whether tickets,, Vudu digital, DVD/Bluray, Netflix, etc). I also hope to be able to offer writers compensation for their work, which is something I can’t do without the donations.

In the future, we hope to continue to grow and get you reviews that lend insight to the film and also introduce to movies you may not have heard of. I love film. It’s my passion and my longest love. I’ve spent much of the last five years of my life to independent research and study of film. Neither of my degrees is on the subject, but the next one will be, one day, in the future. I teach high school film and I hope to continue to expand my knowledge while running this website, podcasts, and meeting more film enthusiasts.
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This will help us pay all the fees associated with storage of Podcasts and website. It will also help us defer the cost of seeing the movies we watch for movie club and for reviews from the site.
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