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Founded in 2012 by American art world entrepreneur Susan J Mumford, who is based out of Sussex, England, and supports creative professionals around the globe, she's focused on two key areas as we navigate changing times: 

Simplicity + Support

Susan says:
"I'm bringing creative folks together at this great time of need for all. When I talk about values [in professional development courses], this move is a prime example and results from an innate ability to bring people together, which I’ve been doing since the 1980s in small town America. May my work this year help many to get through, professionally-speaking, with health continually being number one priority for everyone!"

Join the #besmartaboutart Members' Community to take your creative career to the next level in this world that is shifting unlike we've ever known. This professional network is applicable to artists, curators, gallerists, and other creative professionals.

You'll get access to:
> The now weekly #MemberMasterclass live stream facilitated Susan & Deborah "Debs" Henry-Pollard (business coach for creatives)- who will both return to running the #ArtBizBootcamp and #ArtBizBootcampGraduates in 2021, often alongside the guest speaker for the Thursday segment of the Be Smart About Art Show; 
> Replays of #MemberMasterclass videos (including editions from months and years ago!); 
> Entry to the private BSAA Members' Group on Facebook; 
> Templates for use in your business; 
> Member discounts from art world suppliers; 
> Monthly BSAA member newsletter; and
... more, as 2020 progresses and we hear from you what you would like! 

Q: May I join if I want to pay in a different currency? 
A: Yes, absolutely! BSAA is HQ'ed out of the UK and we've chosen USD$ as the international currency of choice. Convert USD 59.50 into your currency via
Simply set up payment et voilà!

Q: Will it be possible to stop supporting if my financial position changes? 
A: Yes, at any time. Payment is made on a monthly basis. 

Q: How do I join the #MemberMasterclass?
A: Check out the info provided in a #MemberMasterclass info post in this Membership tier, as well as in 'Events' in the Members' Community on Facebook.

Q: How do I ask Susan a question to answer for #besmartaboutart Question Time on Wednesdays with the Be Smart About Art Show?
A: For now, email our Digital Marketing Maven (who also runs the 1:1 program 'Your Digital Marketing Dept'), Anna Jaxe, at [email protected]

Other questions?
Please email the BSAA Team at [email protected] 




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Ready to up your art world game? You've come to the right place!

After 8 years of an active program combining face-to-face and online engagement with thousands of awesome creative professionals, we've pivoted to Patreon. This means that our online "home" now exists within a creative platform, and our intention as a socially-minded enterprise is that many members of our community will set up Patreon pages, too. Win-win! 

In response to COVID-19, we've developed a motto to be SIMPLE and SUPPORTIVE, and have brought our programs into a single Membership Tier. Our intention is to bring creative folks together from across our membership groups, to enable you to get the support you need at this time from a powerful community.

You can access two levels on our Patreon Page:

Still available to support your own needs: 
  • 1:1 support from our team of ace advisors (think: mentors, coaches)
  • Training workshops at creative organisations (e: [email protected]) - Susan & the team of 1:1 advisors are experienced at delivering online and we're happy to discuss needs of organisations and institutions seeking remote teaching at this time. 
  • Consulting management teams at creative enterprises (e: [email protected]) - again, we're familiar with providing support and facilitation using digital platforms. 

Coming soon: 
  • Artist-Gallerist Consignment Contract Template with essential video. (For use by artists and gallerists alike, with a focus on representing the interests of all involved parties.) 
  • Short courses to enjoy at your leisure.


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In 2012, Susan started the program in response to a rapidly changing industry. Artists weren't sure about navigating a landscape in which they could put themselves out into the world and galleries/dealers were starting to reinvent themselves to continue to stay relevant in a changing field. Today, there's ongoing tension between the 20th vs 21st Century approaches, and we're here to provide insight and support into business, the inner workings of the art world and to foster community, a key ingredient to success.

We are: 
Susan J Mumford // Founder
Anna Jaxe // Digital Marketing Maven 
Paul Holmes // Accounting Manager 

BSAA Ambassadors:
Deborah "Debs" Henry-Pollard / London, UK region 
16 of 100 patrons
Once we reach 100 patrons, we'll deliver a complimentary professional development workshop every month for all BSAA Members.

These specialist sessions will provide insight for building a career in the art world and will be delivered by BSAA's 1:1 Advisors. Better yet, replays of workshops will be made available for Members AND 1:1 Advisors will be paid for these sessions, providing them income at a time when the world is changing like we've never known.

Call to Action:
Spread the Word and help us reach 100 patrons so that you can enjoy a monthly professional development workshop as a Member benefit. woo-hoo! 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 28 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 28 exclusive posts
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