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About Be Smart About Art

Ready to up your art world game? You've come to the right place!

After 7+ years of an active program combining face-to-face and online engagement with thousands of awesome creative professionals, we've pivoted to Patreon. This means that our online "home" now exists within a creative platform, and our intention as a socially-minded enterprise is that many members of our community will set up Patreon pages, too. Win-win! 

Check out our LAUNCHED program (click through to links to check it all out): 
  • Freely available content: Blog posts, videos, and more.
  • #BSAA Professionals' Community: #MemberMasterclasses, video replays, member-only Facebook Group, discounts from BSAA Partners.
  • Art World Insider: Access LOTS of content being updated from the archive and enjoy altogether new content, featuring a Monthly Digest blog post* + return of the podcast.
    *A note for long-time readers: Pieces will feature Chris's photographs and Susan's writing, following demand! 

Register for the 2020 edition of our signature online course: 
  • #ArtBizBootcamp 2020: Register by January 31st, 2020, to access the Feb-Nov 2020 course, YAY. Complete your Expression of Interest and receive an invitation to a super special webinar with Susan to kick-off the roaring twenties (!) in January ;-). 

Also available: 

Coming soon: 
  • Artist-Gallerist Consignment Contract Template with essential video. (For use by artists and gallerists alike, with a focus on representing the interests of all involved parties.) 

Coming in 2020: 
  • #ArtBizBootcamp Graduates Program WOO-HOO! 
  • Short courses to enjoy at your leisure.


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In 2012, Susan started the program in response to a rapidly changing industry. Artists weren't sure about navigating a landscape in which they could put themselves out into the world and galleries/dealers were starting to reinvent themselves to continue to stay relevant in a changing field. Today, there's ongoing tension between the 20th vs 21st Century approaches, and we're here to provide insight and support into business, the inner workings of the art world and to foster community, a key ingredient to success.

We are: 
Susan J Mumford // Founder
Anna Jaxe // Digital Marketing Maven 
Paul Holmes // Accounting Manager 

BSAA Ambassadors:
Deborah "Debs" Henry-Pollard / London, UK region 

Here's a visual of the developing program with BSAA 2.0: 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
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