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For those who want to donate and show support, really, every little bit counts and the gratitude and appreciation goes both ways.

- Custom Discord Role

- Patreon only sketches and studies

- A4 size HQ Line Art Colouring Page

Includes Discord rewards
NPC Creation Tier
per month

 Let's make an NPC character together that you can use in your games online or at the table!

During the first week of each month, members of this tier can put forward suggestions on the type of NPC they would like to see made.

I will work on some concept sketches and then Patrons can vote on which design will be developed for the final reward.

Each NPC created will have a full body image as well as a portrait at 300dpi and sent out as a .png.

At the end of the month I'll put together a High Quality Digital Asset pack containing the following for personal (not-for-profit) use only:
- HQ Full Body: Rendered

- HQ Portrait: Rendered

- Printable A5 NPC Character Sheet

- Printable NPC Initiative Tracker

- Printable NPC Stat Card

In addition to the asset pack, you'll also get:
- Custom Discord Role

- Access to Private Discord Channel for NPC Creation

- Voting and Suggestions regarding the character

- Credited as a contributor to the NPCs design

 - Patreon early access to development sketches and work 

Includes Discord rewards
Portrait Tier
Limited (2 of 5 remaining)
per month

Those who are part of this tier will get 1x grey scale character portrait a month.

Portraits will be 1000px square, at 300dpi.

You have a choice of Pencil or Painted portrait styles, each with their own charm.

You will receive the final portrait at the end of the term, once payment has been processed.

Spots are limited for this tier!

Includes Discord rewards




per month

About BespokeCC

Heyo, I’m Cristina (aka Chibi), an Aussie based character illustrator! I’m a big fan of Dungeons & Dragons which has given me the opportunity to be a full time commission artist through my website Bespoke Character Creations!

In addition to digital character illustrations, I offer physical upgrades to these commissions, where you can have your drawn character created into stickers, magnets, coasters or even resin coated pins or charms. Like seriously, I think the thing I love most about D&D is making random little props that can be used to enhance game play or making really unique one of a kind gifts for people.

To develop ideas and create new products though, I need more time. Commissions are ‘active hours’ meaning I can’t use my commission time for other things and there are only x amount of hours I can actively work, capping what I’m able to earn that way. If I can earn enough support through Patreon, I can lighten my commission workload and expand my repertoire of products and services to things like asset packs that can generate more passive income on the side.

So what's in it for you?

Well, it all depends!

My tiers are set up to target different tabletop needs, whether it be creature token art or NPC designs for when your players throw you on a loop to describe an NPC they've decided to fixate on.

If these things tickle your fancy, then you should know which tier is right for you and as time goes on, the gallery for these will just continue to grow with your support <3

$240 of $500 per month
This will seriously go towards bills and payments and means I can start taking a breather every now and then! Making art is my full time job and your support literally is supporting me!
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