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As a monthly supporter at the hashtag SALTLIFE level, you'll have to explain to your loved ones why you're spending $2 a month to support whatever it is that you'd call what we do. "It's these two weirdos that make videos and stream, I guess. Like on YouTube and Twitch or whatever," you'll say in vain. Your loved ones will not understand. But we do. Because we're your BEST FRIENDS and covet your $2.

You'll get patron-only updates... and possibly some other small stuff that we'll throw in at some point.

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At the hashtag FIVEONIT level, you've got issues. One big one that we know of: You're insatiable for BFG content and you've gotta have more babby!

So, you're pledging $5 to us on a monthly basis in the hopes that we can pump put EVEN MORE videos, streams, and merch. That's awesome. Really. You didn't have to, but you said, "What the hell. I've spent more money on dumber, less interesting things." Indeed. We were all new to Kickstarter at some point.

You'll get updates on what we're doing and what we're making, and we'll share extra bonus "special" content. There's prolly more stuff. But let's leave some mystery in this relationship, ok?

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Supporters at the hashtag HUMBLEBRAG level, are our favorite people in the universe! Except for everyone supporting us at a higher level.

We'll share updates on what we're doing, new videos in progress, and extra bonus "special" content before the any of those freeloaders and cheapskates get their crust-covered eyes on it. You'll also get a personalized thank you card sent to your home or heavily fortified bunker.

"But what about public recognition," you say? And you are right to demand it.  We'll put your name and/or alias in the credits of every YouTube video for as long as you're subscribed at this level. Limit up to 50 characters. WOW. Fifty!

Also, we love you and are your best friends!

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About Best Friends Gang

Gang! Thanks for stopping by our Patreon page. In case you don't know, we're Bun + Joshes, and we're your Best Friends. We are confirmed content scrapers—digging thru videos, articles, and books to try and make sense of what we're doing on this dang ol' wet rock.

We make video essays for YouTube, stream to Twitch, and sometimes do things that require us leaving the house. Scary thought. Your Best Friends put a ton of time and effort into these various projects—like a scary amount. Your support ensures that we can continue to do this—whether it's healthy or not!

You can learn more about your Best Friends by visiting our site at

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