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Every little really does help, so thank you! You've now got access to Patreon-only posts, my collection of exotic ice creams if I ever get around to making them, and my sincere heartfelt gratitude ...


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You get your name in the video credits! If you've got a specific name you'd like to be used don't hesitate to let me know. Unless it's "BestInSlot Sucks" in which case, at least pretend to hesitate...


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The official conversion rate of Triceratops to Velociraptor is 1:2, seemingly. Thanks for helping out the channel so much! 


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Ayy check out Mr/Mrs Moneybags over here. In all seriousness (briefly I promise), thanks for such a huge donation, this is basically my internet paid for! Okay my internet sucks but still, it's som...

Tyrannosaurus Rex

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Patreon suggests that "Unicorn" be the ultimate tier. Has Patreon seen a Unicorn fight a T.rex? That's not going well for the stupid horn horse. $50 is an incredible amount of money, I'm going to a...