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About Beth Burnett

Remember the good old days when people wore togas, peed in pots, and supported the arts? We're taking it back.* 

Why join me on Patreon? First of all, you'll get access to awesome things no one else gets to see or experience. You'll be a member of the Beth Club. We have all sorts of cool stuff here.**

Second, you'll be part of not only supporting not only the writer's dream, you'll be part of helping to bring that dream to others. How? I've recently published my sixth novel, I've finished writing a seventh, and I have three in varying stages of completion. I've had short stories in anthologies and literary journals, including the esteemed journal, Sinister Wisdom. My writing spans genres, with the bulk of it falling somewhere in the slice-of-life, weird, but real, this is America as you don't yet know it category. I have an MA in Creative Writing and am set to enter a PhD program in the fall. 

Most importantly, I teach the craft of writing for a non-profit. 

You'll be giving me the gift of time to continue volunteering to guide a marginalized group of people into sharing their voices through the written word.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to dedicate my time and energy to the creation of new work and to the education of new writers. 

*No toga required.
**PG 13 only.
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