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About Betsy Tinney

Hello, I'm Betsy Tinney, and I create original cello music.

You may know me from my collaborations with SJ Tucker or from one of the many bands I play with, including Tricky Pixie and Vixy & Tony.

The heart of my music is solo work: original cello pieces, often improvised, looped and layered.  I also love to improvise with other musicians.

I've been recording and releasing an original composition per month for my backers since the beginning of 2014.  I call it my Noodle of the Month club, and it was originally one of the Kickstarter rewards for my first solo album.  

I'm continuing the club here on Patreon, and in parallel over on Bandcamp. Bandcamp is simpler and slightly more convenient, while Patreon offers more flexibility -- especially because I can offer rewards here for as little as $1 per month.  Whether you prefer Bandcamp or Patreon, I hope you'll consider joining us. 

One way or another, your subscriptions support me as an artist, helping me create music that brings out the light and magic in this world. 

I appreciate all of you for listening; your support means the world to me!
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Backers at this level get online (streaming-only) access to all of the music I create for my Noodle of the Month club -- including streaming of Noodles I've made already. 
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Backers at this level get access to the music streams as well as download links for the content I create for my Noodle of the Month club.  This includes recordings of Noodles I've made already, as well as the occasional music video.
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At this monthly level, you'll get full downloads for all of my music, in addition to the monthly noodles.  Since this reward level matches the offering over on Bandcamp ( we'll offer the same things here as we do there:

  • a 15% discount on all physical merchandise purchased through my webstore
  • full downloads for all my albums and ringtones, past and future
  • exclusive content reserved or created specifically for our high-level backers
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At this milestone, I'll release a short performance video each month from my archives, featuring me playing cello on stage either solo or with one of the bands I play with.
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