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Hi, I'm Dr. Leslie Kernisan. I'm a board-certified geriatrician and the founder of (BHWA), a mission-driven website dedicated to empowering older adults and their families by providing helpful, practical information about common aging health concerns.

Since 2013, I've published well over 100 free articles and I'm pleased to say that BHWA now gets about 300,000 page views per month, mostly from Google.

I initially joined Patreon in December of 2019 because I needed to invite readers to help keep BHWA ad-free.

Over the past 5+ years, BHWA has been powered by my donating 20+ hours/week of my time to create the content and manage the site, plus thousands of dollars per year to pay for the website hosting and other services.

It was an honor -- and a privilege -- to be able to donate this time and money to the site. But the site now needs more, and I'm running low on what I can continue to donate.

So, BHWA needs to bring in more revenue. 

Our initial call to ask our readers for patronage to keep us ad-free resulted in 93 patrons pledging $273/month. We also received countless messages of encouragement, and many readers said they'd understand if we started running ads.

Although I deeply appreciate each and every person who pledged, we have not even hit 10% of the goal we’d need to remain ad-free.

So as of now (December 30, 2019), I am changing the purpose of our Patreon page, from “Help Keep BHWA Ad-Free” to “Help BHWA Continue Providing Valuable Free Articles.”

We will start running ads on the site in early 2020, so that I can continue to offer free articles and podcast episodes. We will do our best to ensure that the ads don't disrupt readers much, and that the content is in line with our mission and values.

However, since many readers have expressed an interest in supporting us whether or not we run ads, we will also continue our Patreon page.

If you've found an article helpful, or if you just believe in what we are doing at BHWA, I hope you'll donate, at whatever level feels comfortable for you.

And if your financial situation doesn't permit you to donate, that's ok too! I'm grateful for each and every person who visits and takes the time to read an article. It has meant the world to me to do this work, and to be part of the aging health journey for older adults and their families.

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