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Hey, Better Men listeners.

First off, I want to personally thank you for checking out the Patreon page, you coming here means that you believe in me. Don't worry, the podcast will always be free. These types of topics and conversations need to be accessible to everyone, no matter what. I would like to be "all in" with this podcast and give you, the supporters, all my productive and creative energy. If you haven't listened to the "Purpose" episode of the podcast you know why I'm doing this; I don't want to be punching clocks again, I want to make a difference because I feel like there's something special here; something that men, women, everyone needs now more than never. Any contribution helps but the biggest contribution you can do for me, yourself and all of those around you is to open up and start some dialogue. I want to build a safe and open community for men because some men don't have a solid group of guy friends to truly be themselves. If you're the lucky few, dive deep into those relationships, you never know where that connection can come too. Join the community, I'll be waiting for you on the other side.

Be well,
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Digital HIGH FIVE! Every dollar counts! Thank you so much for the support, you feel that more conversations needs to happen and support the cause. Your name will be listed on the website as a thank you from me.

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