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is creating vintage-inspired erotic photos, films, and stories
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Before sexting took over, lovers put pen to paper to make temperatures rise. Contribute at this level to get a monthly sneak peak at smut I'm writing and one sexy BTS pic.
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You'll get a first look at all my newest photoshoots before they go live on my website, weekly behind the scenes photos and videos from my shows and photoshoots, and a monthly teaser from a NSFW shoot., along with the writing of the previous level.
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About Bettina May

Thank you so much for joining me on this creative adventure! I am a professional burlesque performer, pin-up model and photographer, and these skills have allowed me to travel the world for the past 10 years. I have lots of exciting new plans for the future, and you can help me make my dreams come true. I've been shooting tons of self-portraits all over during my travels, and many of them are NSFW, but I haven't had an outlet for nudes since my days as a SuicideGirl. I'm also wanting to create more of my signature glamour films, inspired by the work of Irving Klaw and Russ Meyer, featuring myself and my other modeling and burlesque performer friends. I've been singing and playing drums in shows more over the past year or so, and I want to spend more time practicing that, and maybe finally getting good enough at the bagpipes to play live! Finally, I've decided it's time to devote more time to writing, which may be articles, short stories, or perhaps a novel. With your help I will have the time and resources to make this all happen, and set new goals. I'd also love to hear from you about what you'd like to see me try, and we can create art together! Does this sound like fun? Join me!
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With my first goal I'll be well on my way to creating more art, especially self-portraits and writing. When I hit this goal, I'll celebrate by taking a road trip through California to vintage hotels and motels, taking sexy self-portraits and also taking time to write. All levels will get a daily video check-in from the trip, and a sneak peak at what I'm writing, too!
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