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About Between The Laps

There are roughly 3,536 fatal unintentional drownings (non-boating related) annually in the United States — about ten deaths per day. So many people have never been given the opportunity to learn how to swim or be water safe. Our goal is to fix that. 

What We Are Doing

Our program was developed with the athlete in mind. We've seen over the years that not every athlete fits into the current standard learning systems. Many people become frustrated and quit. 

We are Between The Laps, a coaching organization focused on creating content for swimmers and non-swimmers alike to help them elevate their success in the water. We know that getting access to a pool with properly trained coaches or instructors can be hard in certain parts of the world. That's why each week we will be creating videos that help you improve your knowledge and mechanics in the water. 

Through our videos, you will become more proficient, become more comfortable, and become healthier. For competitive swimmers, we go a step further. Racing is a key component to competitive swimmers so we develop customized strategies to help with mental readiness during races and help build overall self-confidence in the water. 

Meet Our Coaches

Our coaching team is made up of former elite swimmers and experienced coaches with a combined knowledge-based spanning over 4 decades. 


Coach Chris is the co-head coach and founder of the MySwim program. He developed and coaches through our proven "athlete-centered" coaching model. By refusing to believe that people just can't swim, he turned his combined 22 years as a competitive swimmer, then another decade coaching and instructing swimming, into a program that has helped 1000s of people become efficient swimmers. He believes that you just need to get over the mental hurdles and have the right type of training and coaching in order to succeed.


Coach Jenna is a vital part, and the better half, of the MySwim coaching team. As co-head coach, her experience coaching over the past 15+ years brings great insight into helping our young swimmers improve. Jenna grew up around the pool. She's trained with the Forest Hills Beaver as a child and went on to compete at the collegiate level. She's worked with teams across North America and most recently held the position of head coach to her former high school swim team, the Alhambra Dogs, where she took six swimmers to the state championships.

Giving Back

We want to inspire a helpful, active community of learning. By joining us in this journey, you will be able to access our premium ebooks and guides on swimming, ask questions and have them answered in upcoming videos, get specialized workouts designed specifically for your needs, and get one-on-one coaching from our experienced team of coaches. 

Are you ready to take that first step to improve your swimming? Join us today!

** If you are a team manager or coach and would like to have us host a clinic with your team, please email us for pricing and dates **

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