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About Between the Lines

It has never been more important to understand the seismic changes that are happening across British politics.

Unfortunately, politics is often, amongst other things:

  • Boring;
  • Confusing;
  • Divisive;
  • Infuriating;
  • Elitist;
  • Or terrifying.

Politics is about as unwelcoming to people who have no prior understanding of it as trying to get into Game of Thrones at Series 6: there are too many names to remember, they each belong to different Houses that are all falling apart and everyone seems to hate one another and you don't know why.

Between the Lines aims to change that.

Between the Lines is the creation and passion of its Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Matt.

Me, in fact!

I studied politics for five years at both school and Durham University and have obsessively followed political events since. I love legislation debates, I geek out over government, and I treasure Treasury reports - to me, politics is fascinating.

However, it is also clear that modern politics has largely become a game of 'Whoever shouts the loudest wins the argument,' rather than reasoned, factual debate.

This is, unfortunately, perpetuated by the mainstream media - some of the primary sources that people turn to for politics are openly biased. Major newspapers like the Daily Mail push forward a right-wing agenda, while the Guardian does the opposite. Bloggers, YouTube channels, Twitter personalities and a multitude of other mediums allow anyone and everyone the chance to find a point of view that agrees with theirs.

This creates a society of "Us vs. Them." We are all predisposed to pick a tribe and then pledge allegiance, regardless of the direction they head in. When we are challenged, our natural response is to turn to those in our tribe for validation and find an argument, factual or not, that agrees with our chosen world-view and further cements our conviction. Anyone who disagrees with us is the enemy, and their points of view are irrelevant.

This, more than anything else, is why Brexit has been such a steaming clanger. Something urgently needs to change.

There is a desperate need for an unbiased, fact-based, accessible form of journalism that someone with no prior experience in politics can understand. We need a voice that isn't being paid by the word, isn't being sponsored by a major employer with their own political leaning, and that actively encourages readers to see things from both points of view. This way, constructive, fact-based dialogue can blossom, rather than the aggressive, unproductive shouting matches that our current political debate consists of.

This is the ethos behind Between the Lines.

While I, like everyone else, have my own personal views on political events, I proactively engage in the complete opposite viewpoints to my own to try and see both sides of the argument, and my writing reflects both sides with equal standing. I champion those who are voices of common sense and reason and I call out those who aren't. I voice my own opinions based on fact, not belief, but encourage readers to form their own opinions too.

In short, Between the Lines will always be totally impartial and create content based on fact-based reasoning. As such, I would never seek to be funded by any corporation that might try to apply any sort of bias to the content on the site. However, without considerable traffic driving advertising revenue (or the flogging of merchandise), there are scant few methods to be paid to run this website full-time, which is my ultimate goal.

I believe wholeheartedly in the need for Between the Lines and desperately wish to expand its reach in order to provide a much-needed public service. However, without funding, giving it the time and effort that would be needed to grow the website is impossible.

Which is where you come in!

I only recently came across Patreon, having been writing for Between the Lines for free since the beginning of February. In truth, I was beginning to despair at the fact that I would not be able to sustain Between the Lines without funding for very long. It is my passion, and my dream is to be able to run it full-time and expand it to become a prominent voice of reason in an increasingly unreasonable world.

Patreon appears, to me, to be a means to do that. Any donations, big or small, that any potential patron would be able to give would assist me in realising this dream and would be massively appreciated.

If you believe, like I do, that British politics can be so much better than this swamp of anger and impotence that we are all suffering through, and if you believe that a fresh voice that champions common sense and collaboration would help to achieve this, then I humbly ask for your help in creating it.

Thank you for considering Between the Lines for your patronage, and for your time in reading the above.
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