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is creating Hand Drawn RPG Maps!
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per hand drawn map
This entry-level tier grants you:

- Access to every map I draw in various forms (printer-friendly, colored, labeled, gridded, etc) designed to get you playing quickly!

This is the heart and soul of my art, and your patronage is incredibly appreciated!

per hand drawn map
So you want something a little extra? This tier gets you:

- Everything from the Apprentice tier.

- A sneak peak into all of the other projects I'm working on. This might include:

   - Whole sections of my campaign settings, 

   - Unique monsters and magic items created for my adventures.

   - Design notes and other personal writings. 

per hand drawn map
You're a Master Wizard!

This tier gets you:

- Everything from the Apprentice and Adept tiers.

- A high quality physical print copy of any newly released map upon request in color, black/white, or both, mailed directly to you!

- Physical copies of any of my "big projects" AT COST. This includes my own adventures, campaign settings, and more!

- Any other neat things that I make that don't fit into any other category.

- My deepest thanks and appreciation!



About Beware The Wizard

Hi! My name is... Beware The Wizard! I'm an artist with backgrounds in hand-lettering and graphic design. But my heart and passion lie in hand-drawn RPG maps! (I also create custom content like adventures, campaign settings, and more!)

Before we go any further, you can check out some examples of my work on my Instagram page HERE. You can also see what else I'm working on by taking a peak at my website HERE.

Still here? Good! Let's talk business!
Becoming a patron at any level gets you access to all of the hand drawn maps I create in a variety of formats... this includes colored maps, printer-friendly versions, with/without labeled rooms, and maps with/without grids. The idea is to make these as easy as possible for you to get into your game, whether you play at the table, or online!

Patreons "pay per release" feature allows you to set the amount you're comfortable to pay. So you're in control! You'll also enjoy discounts on all commission work. That's right... I can draw a map to your exact specifications!

Check out the tiers over there to the right to see the specifics, (or down below if you're on mobile) I have a lot to offer, and it just keeps getting better! 

I hope you decide to take this journey with me! 
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When I reach 20 Patrons, I'll create an exclusive map just for you! I'll ship all patrons a high quality, signed print. (I have some great ideas for printing options too).
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