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About Bewyx

Hope u enjoy all my content, i try to make the best possible!

Comissions are closed right now, maybe i will open it on the future!

All content from here will be free of watermarks and animations with sound, also with High Quality per example 1080p videos and 4K pictures with extra angles.

Remember to join to the discod channel u just need to link your Patreon profile to discord, i've a very nice community where we can share opinions, content, extras, and talk with my Patreons.

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You will get:

  • 1080p videos. (watermarked)
  • Join discord community.
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You will get:

  • All Previous.
  • Second Angle Animation
  • 4K Pictures.
  • Access to my Mega Archive
  • Alternatives angles 4K.
  • Special rank on discord.
  • Work in Progress
  •  Content without watermark 
  • Early Access

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You will get:

  • All Previous
  • Blender Archives
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You will get:

  • All previous.
  • I can give you some Blender assist.
  • Support me a lot to keep working!
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  • I will make you 1 animation per month.
This Never Gonna Happen
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This is a joke right??! Naah!

68% complete
Get an extra PC for only rendering to make animations renders more faster than ever!
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