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About BexX

What does it mean to be an artist?

This was the question on my mind when putting together songs for my first album.
I had written over 1000 songs and in 2019, I came up with a shortlist of 30 songs that I had not released. However, once I started recording, I felt the process too mechanical, like I was just copying what I had done before and churning out material for the sake of releasing it.

I asked, “What IS an artist, to me?”
My answers came in an exciting and adventurous sequence of short bursts over the following weeks, after I opened myself up to the reality of this question that I really never thought I could possibly do.

The process was emotional. I had to surrender my insecurities and come to terms with a lifetime of hiding. I realised that an artist expresses their truth, no matter how vulnerable. I realised that, to be a true artist, I must create REAL songs. Not just mechanical formats for the sake of it, or to try to please others.
An artist shows integrity to what they believe in, no matter whether other people agree or disagree with that.

Since conceptualising the project in July 2019, I have put together the entire demo album and begun collaborating with more than 15 local Bristol artists and musicians who will feature on the songs. Also, a world class mixing engineer has agreed to work on the project.


I am an independent and unsigned artist. I chose to take the Patreon route to directly connect with my audience, so I can maintain my independence and grow my community from the grass roots level.

I don't identify with any particular genre. Instead, I prefer to cite influences.  Anohni Hegarty, Benjamin Clementine, Gazel, Kate Bush, Florence + the Machine, Prince and David Bowie are all strong personal references.

If you would like to support my music, my future releases and help me support the other artists, musicians and creatives I work with, you can become a V.I.P Patron for less than the cost of a beer, per month.

The benefits range from exclusive early access to unreleased material.
As I grow, you will be the first to know about my signed merchandise, exclusive recording sessions, personal songwriting sessions and private concerts.

For the music enthusiasts, you will get access to the "Case Studies" on each song. This is an access-only log of the creative process that each song has gone through, including unreleased demos, alternative versions and voice recordings during writing.

All Patrons get access to new releases a week before general release.

Becoming a VIP member means you are contributing to my releases, helping me create music videos and enabling me to pay the talented musicians, artists and other creatives involved in my project.
My first album costs approximately £8000 GBP to record, entirely self-funded. (Not including the hours spent writing and experimenting!).
Music videos cost a bit more at £2000 GBP per video.

The Plan:

2019 1st Album: Album launch & 12 music video releases for "On to Bigger Things".
This album focuses on the mind. All songs are directly related to the struggles, discoveries and mindset of being androgyne and the journey in seeking the better version of self.

Track 1: Love Chooses You
Track 2: All You Can Dream Of
Track 3: Afraid Of Whats To Come
Track 4: Freedom Doesn't Mean A Thing
Track 5: Done It Again
Track 6: System
Track 7: I'm Still There
Track 8: Sweet Red
Track 9: A Girl With Love To Share
Track 10: This Is What It Was For
Track 11: Throw It Away
Track 12: I Am, I Feel, I Love

2019 Hardback Book: A diary of events from the age of 5 that led to the concept of BexX.

2020 2nd Album: Unbreakable Pattern. Focusing on the masculine. An up beat, positive energy album of 14 songs (already written) about overcoming personal struggles, with future video releases.

2021 3rd Album: Focusing on the Feminine. Exploring how we can translate becoming our better self to improving our environment. Addressing global warming, sustainability, resourceful connections and our place in our community. Addressing loneliness, and caring for the world around us instead of letting it go to waste. With future video releases.

My homepage is under construction and will be online soon at
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
Audio release
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
Audio release

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